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Blue Bean Bag Functional Grief Support Group (BBBFGSG) is a transit, nonprofessional, non-accredited, support group, traveling near and far, with bean bags to your area. Our goal is to circle up with new, old, and familiar friends in support of sharing our words of hope and memories describing grief and loss, within a circle group. A loss is a loss no matter what it is, it could be a pet, time, a moment, or even an heirloom, any void held dear to you is a valid loss.

BBBFGS is an interactive group that comes together with you embracing our priorities and sharing new and different directions ahead of hurt. Hopefully, with the shared support through stories and hugs, one person at a time will possibly benefit from the group connections.

BBBFGS travels nonjudgmental from one neighborhood to another, offering the possibility to pause, share, or observe; there is no pressure to participate, sometimes being present is all you need. BBBFGS travels with bean bags full of love, no matter the struggles. Hugs can be healing also; Blue Bean Bag Functional Grief Support has plenty to give when you are ready.

Courage To Know
The Difference

Blue Bean Bag Functional Grief Support realizes that life changes in a breath, and nothing will resemble yesterday, even the next breath. Our hearts are connected to our emotional hurt; to whom and where do we assign this heavy responsibility?

God Grant Me The Serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference. Blue Bean Bag Functional Grief Support will assist anyone needing professional care beyond the support group.

NOTE: Blue Bean Bag Functional Grief Support is not responsible for professional services. Accepting professional help is your choice and responsibility to make.

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Sally’s Care helping hand

My mom is in hospice at my home. During a period of three weeks she was in Avery bad place health wise. I had been awake and helping her with little sleep. I finally hit a wall (for lack of sleep) and reached out to Sally’s Care. They are the mot kind and loving people! Dana, from Sally’s Care has helped out when I needed someone who not only was here to help out, but made a connection with my mom. We both love Dana and Cary. If you need support, please give them a call.

Eric Sterling

Safe Space

I have been going through a very difficult time with my partner. They have provided a strong safe space to express feelings both positive and negative without judgement or bias. This has helped me heal, learn about relationships and grow.


The clouds are ever changing

Let me first say, I very much appreciated stopping by the blue canopy surrounded by people sitting on blue bean bags sharing intimate heartfelt love and loss stories for free was amazing!! In the park no less.I beaned down on a bag and listened; I was moved to provided my functional grief experience. Functional grief is real and the day to day pressures can cloud and suppress the internal needs.
This support group was welcomed and a blessing.
I’m glad I stopped. 😊
10 + 🌟 🌟 🤩

Gerry G.

Right on time…

I live in Oklahoma and saw a sign that said functional grief support, never heard of that before so I stopped in the courtyard where they were set up with actual blue bean bags, a small crowd was circled up listening to stories shared by the people participating in storytelling. The great thing about this experience is it felt safe, it is a traveling operation that can land in your neighborhood, offering a supportive non=professional environment for sharing kind interactions with others. The mood was chilled and relatively easy to relax and share.




Great Support

I am 66 years old and have experienced many losses. My only brother in 1990, dad in 1993, and my mother in 2000. I have also been divorced, a very emotional process; intense grief. I have been “functional “ but doing it alone. It has been a relief to have met this support group. Life it seems is about loss and I am grateful for the support from this group.

Terry Busse

BBBFGSG has been a lifesaver for me.

BBBFGSG has been a lifesaver for me. Being able to connect with others who understand my grief has been very soothing to me. The group is so welcoming and non-judgmental, and the bean bags make it all the more comfortable to let the grief out.

Willie K. Shockley

I was hesitant to attend BBBFGSG at first, but I’m so glad I did

I was hesitant to attend BBBFGSG at first, but I’m so glad I did. The group has helped me find new ways to cope with the loss of my kitten and has given me a sense of community that I didn’t know I needed. I would highly recommend BBBFGSG to anyone who wants to vent.

Manuel S. Garfield

The support and understanding I’ve found at BBBFGSG have been invaluable.

The support and understanding I’ve found at BBBFGSG have been invaluable. The group is so warm and uplifting and has helped me in ways that I didn’t think were possible. The bean bags make it feel like a safe and cozy space for me to feel at home and share. Thank you, BBBFGSG for all that you’ve done for me.

Phillip A. Fontenot

I can’t recommend BBBFGSG enough.

I can’t recommend BBBFGSG enough. The group has helped me navigate my grief in a way that I never thought possible. It’s amazing how much you can heal when you’re surrounded by supportive and compassionate people who truly understand what you’re going through.

Melissa G. Borges


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